Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

'Personal Sovereignty and Our Moral Rights to Non-Interference', forthcoming in The Journal of Applied Philosophy, DOI: 10.1111/japp.12175

'The Toss-Up Between a Profiting, Innocent Threat and His Victim', The Journal of Political Philosophy 23 (2) (June, 2015): 146-65

Contributions to Edited Volumes

'How Death is Bad for Us as Agents', forthcoming in Saving Lives from the Badness of Death, Gamlund, Espen and Carl Tollef Solberg (editors), Oxford University Press.

'What’s the Moral Problem with Killer Robots?', forthcoming in Who Should Die?, Strawser, Bradley J., Robillard, Michael and Ryan Jenkins (editors), Oxford University Press.

Book Reviews

'Moral Aggregation', Iwao Hirose. Oxford University Press, 2015, xiii + 234 pages, Economics & Philosophy 32 (1) (March, 2016): 149-56.

Work in Progress

'The Redirection of Bombs During WWII: A Philosophical Investigation', under review.

'Executive Compensation and Distributive Justice', joint work with Alexander Pepper (LSE)